Bold & Brave : My Brand Words Became My Reality


When I began to finally own that I had a brand, I knew I wanted to align it with our visuals and messaging. Part of that process meant listing out words that represented the clients we loved attracting. Two of the top 5 words on this list that seemed to keep jumping out at us were BOLD and BRAVE. So they became a larger part of our energy.


Fast forward years later and Erica Courdae tells me about this cool business coach that I needed to check out. There has to be some truth to the saying "Your vibe attracts your tribe." because this woman's brand is named The BOLD Leadership Revolution. I went on to work with Tara Newman in a mastermind group that started my process of adjusting how I saw myself and my business. Here I began to do the deep work that you really don't see people talk about on social media. This lead to big decisions and results that went beyond what I previously thought was possible. I added other photographers to the team, hired an office manager, and slowly began to focus on the impact we had. Was I stepping into being more BRAVE?

This mastermind eventually neared its end and I found myself wondering what was next for me. I wanted to keep the energy we had in the mastermind going. I also wanted to connect with other professionals on a deeper level. Tara must have read my mind because it was around this time that she created The BRAVE Society. I was nervous to join. I mean was I even "brave" enough for this group? Wait, hadn't BRAVE been a part of my brand identity for a while now? I took this as a sign. So I joined BRAVE. Had I just made a BOLD decision?

It is in the BRAVE Society I realized Erica and I weren't alone these 8+ years of being biz partners. The things that made us feel disconnected at networking events and at times left me feeling like an isolated weirdo aren't so different in a room with aligned people... our people. And in a room with people who aren't afraid to build real relationships, I felt less weird for being myself instead of what society or X networking group says a business owner should do. My team and I were supported in being even more BOLD about the changes we want to see in this world. Was I owning my role as a LEADER? I had never seen myself as one before.

If there's anything I learned from this, it's that our words have so much power. I had never heard of the law of attraction and affirmations when I selected BOLD and BRAVE to define my brand. And truthfully, I was rearranging everything I built thus far... definitely wasn't feeling very BOLD nor BRAVE at the time. Yet, as I look around years later, I can see just how much the brands, artistry, people, conversations, relationships, and overall energy has evolved to reflect these words I grew to hold dear.

As I walk into my next meeting, I want to empower you to ask yourself:

  • What adjectives will you use to define your brand?

  • How will this show up in your marketing?

  • How can you step into the BOLDest + BRAVEst version of yourself?

Want to know what it feels like to be in a BRAVE room? Want to see how our clients show their brand words in their marketing? Check out the images we created for Tara Newman and The Brave Society featured in this post.

x India


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