Interview : Carlos Dobbin II

I am so excited to introduce you to Carlos Dobbin II... a fellow OCB Competitor, Natural Bodyz Fitness Athlete, and videographer.   I met Carlos many months ago and watched him grow from thinking about competing to being the owner of several bodybuilding trophies including a pretty badass sword.  I've been honored to be a part of his journey and fitness family (or #FitFam as we NBF members call it). 

Carlos somehow makes time for the gym, meal prep, pursuing his dreams of owning a video production company, and still maintains a career in the US Navy.  Following his dream of being a natural bodybuilder has led him to inspire so many of his friends to follow their own dreams and make them their reality.   You will love hearing his perspective on fitness, transformation, and triumph over obstacles.


When and why did you first decide to start working out?

8th Grade. So 2002, I wanted to play football and I knew I needed to be bigger, stronger, and faster.

Why did you decide to compete?

The decision.... Something I always looked at but never seen me doing it until my homeboy did it in San Diego... then when a group of us decided to go on stage at the same time earlier this year (2017) I felt it was time to finally do it

How do you maintain all the diet and gym challenges that being in the US Navy can present?

A challenge... just prep on Sundays and make no excuses for those things needed for the “Stage Prep”.  I am not perfect... (especially with diet) but making a conscious effort to hit every key is where I succeed

If you could give 3 tips for someone wanting to compete what would they be?

Make those workouts and fasted cardio sessions a MUST not a want.

Find ways of cooking, and ways to make the meal prep fun and enjoyable.

Last but not least... Mindset... Own It.  You are a want to let’s play to win... if you think like that it’ll carry you further than you think.

I believe that the biggest transformation is internal.  What are your thoughts on that statement?

Very true statement... you overcome a physical and mental obstacle that you never thought possible.  You now know you CAN do it, you CAN handle it... and you apply that to life.
I agree 100%

If you want to see more of Carlos, check him on Instagram: @herculos