Making Your House a Home | Top Notch Inspection Services | Client Story

Michael and Toni know a thing or two about having confidence in the condition of your home. 

After buying their home without the help of a home inspection, they quickly found themselves facing problem after problem with the house and a mountain of stress and debt that they had to overcome. Their struggles to afford and maintain their home, a place meant to feel like a safe and comfortable space for them to grow, inspired them to help others avoid the same stress and worry.

Showing their story in photos

Michael and Toni founded Top Notch Inspection Services after experiencing the worst of being a homeowner. After facing issues with HVAC, plumbing, and the electrical system of their house, they were left feeling defeated and devastated. They made it their mission to help other homeowners avoid these problems when looking for their own homes.

“This is why we believe so strongly in what we do. We want everyone to have a thorough, accurate, and trustworthy overview of their potential home purchase. It’s at the root of everything we do here at Top Notch Inspection Services.”

When Michael and Toni commissioned me to shoot their brand photos, I wanted to emphasize the heart and purpose behind their home inspection services. They're all about making sure home buyers feel confident and secure when they buy their house. I wanted their brand images to inspire confidence, comfort, and trust in the services Michael and Toni are proud to provide new homeowners.

Their passion for helping their clients feel safe and confident in finding their home is at the core of their business, and inspired me to tell their story through their branded photos.

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