one link to rule them all


Did you know it's possible to have more than one link in that precious website URL space on your social media profiles?

Sometimes one link just isn't enough. However, on most social media platforms it is all we get. At India Jackson Artistry we have more than one place we need to send our audience to. So what are we to do? Why not have one link to house the rest of our links? 💥Boom! 💥 Whether you are an entrepreneur, product-based business, business coach, apparel brand, personal trainer, wellness coach, athlete, or influencer this idea can totally change your social media game.


What should we link to?

Having more than one link in your bio via a landing page is a way to send your audience directly to a few things of priority. One way we approach this is linking to things that we frequently mention in our captions. These things change over time but our actual link doesn't have to change. Some of the things we have linked folks to are:

  • More information on special events we are hosting

  • The form to book a photography consultation call with our team

  • Our business newsletter opt-in that features FREE tips

  • A blog post on a topic we are speaking about at the moment

  • A podcast or article we were featured in.

  • The Shot by India Jackson Artistry T-shirts

These are just a few things that come to mind but your options are endless. Some other cool ideas include:

  • Contact page of your website

  • Landing page for a sales offer

  • Products you're posting about

  • "About" page on your website

  • Ambassador program sign-up page

  • Services page of your website

  • Popular products page of your website

  • Brand affiliate & ambassador links

  • Your Youtube Channel

  • Your Facebook Group

  • Sign-up for a free downloadable


Okay, let’s do this thing!

So, how do we get one link to rule them all? In the past, we did this the easy way via Linktree is a free service that allows you to house all of your links in one place. This is still a great option for those of us that want to keep things simple or don't have a website.

What if you have a website? If you have your own website and know how to update it or have someone to do it for you, we recommend making a page on your own site instead. Why invest a little more effort? Every time someone clicks on the link in your bio they are going directly to your website instead of a 3rd party. But what if you need to a large variety of places. Having a visual link page like is a great way to link to a ton of places without having a never-ending list of things for your follower to read on a page.

So, what will you put in the link in your bio? We can't wait to see! After you've made the adjustments, join us on Instagram and let us know @flauntyourfire

Want some inspiration? Check out these examples to get you going!



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