Audience Q&A with India Jackson


“…people believe that marketing is like fancy graphics and logos and color schemes. While those things are important, you're marketing yourself every time you show up. Even if showing up is lurking and not saying anything, even if it's you and your messy bed hair doing Instagram live. When you show up, that's marketing yourself.” ~ India Jackson

India was featured on DEI coach & Silver Immersion owner Erica Courdae’s podcast. Episode 15 - Audience Q&A with India Jackson chats about EQ / emotional intelligence training, branding, and how a public image helps people who aren't in the public eye.


“Emotional intelligence is forward facing as well as an internal skill. It's what you do with others outside of you, but it's also how you process stuff on the inside…” ~ Erica Courdae

Join Erica and India as they talk all things visibility, mindset, marketing, brand, and things in between.

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