To: My Bodybuilder... From: Whitney, Mrs. Cutmaster Flex


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Dear James,

I’m so proud of you.

But I’m glad your competition is over.

I mean, I knew it would be a little difficult. But I really had no idea. So to save other people from getting hit by the mack truck that can be fitness, I want to share some things that will help them to know earlier. Just wanted to share with you first. What do you think?

So some of the things I wish I knew are…

*I wish I knew that your competing would mean $300 grocery bills because you want your chicken pre-diced and without rib meat (rolling eyes).

*I wish I knew that instead of me going to the grocery store by myself, you would now be tagging along to read the label of EVERYTHING I put in the shopping cart

*I wish I knew that taking our son to your fitness competitions and posing practices meant that he would now want to watch your posing routine from the competition every morning, evening, and anytime in the car. He now takes over the phones, tablets, and TVs with watching fitness competitors.

*I wish I knew that now I would be scrutinized for wanting the things you can’t have, such as cupcakes, cake, peanut butter crackers, pancakes and even the use of salt three days out from your show. Could you really smell the salt on my eggs?! Oh, and please stop telling me I don’t appreciate food!

*I wish I knew that laundry would take forever because you like to leave your dirty clothes in your trunk until I’ve finished folding clothes, so now the laundry room is full of all your "very pleasant" smelling clothes.

*I wish I knew that your competing would give me a new admiration for fitness clothes. Oh, how I love shopping <3! I also wish I knew how much your dedication would rub off on me. I would have pushed you to compete so much sooner!

I love you always,

Whitney, Mrs. Cutmaster Flex


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