get results from your visuals

no matter who creates them

Your images speak 60,000 times faster to the human brain than your words.

Whether they're phone selfies, behind the scenes photos from your intern, photos created 5 years ago, or images you will create in the future, we help you learn to use images in a way that speaks your language no matter who the photographer is. Yes, you heard that right! We don’t care if someone else creates your images.

What would be possible for your visibility + growth if you could:

  • Attract new clients that enthusiastically share your values + vision

  • Get maximum impact on social media from the photos you already have

  • Build a presence online that matches who you and your brand are offline

  • Free your time by having actionable items a virtual assistant or team member can implement

Hey there, I’m India!

After years on the other side of the camera, I made the HUGE decision to leave my Biology program to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Art + Design at Towson University. After founding India Jackson Artistry, I went on to learn tons about my clients and the many other roles in marketing.

I’ve enjoyed mentoring many photographers in my 14+ years in the creative industry. I have worked in photography, relationship-based selling, makeup artistry, brand values + culture, graphic design, social media management, and brand education for everything from business coaches, to gyms, to apparel brands and influencers. I had the pleasure of providing all of the above for LVMH Group to facilitate events & revenue impact in 50+ Nordstrom, Dillards, Sephora, Saks 5th Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Bloomingdale's stores for their luxury brand Christian Dior.

My greatest desire for my clients has always been the same: for you to feel seen + accepted + marketed in a way that supports your goals. No preconceived notions of what people in your industry should be + do. Ain’t nobody got time for that! When I’m not leading my team, I am disrupting the way people view branding, visibility, and ultimately themselves.

ready to get strategic about your image?

And here are some of the results our clients have seen:

  • Sales + marketing strategy for an apparel brand yielding a 400% increase in followers and a 200% increase in sales in less than 1 year

  • Reduced marketing expenses by training key staff on taking better images and video of daily company culture with their cellphones

  • Artistry, marketing, and relationship-based selling education at Macy’s Pentagon City to facilitate a 150% increase in annual Christian Dior Beauty sales (over $250k)

  • 600% increase in real followers on instagram and clients yielding 50+ paid athletes for a new bodybuilding event

  • Brand refresh + the launch of an additional location to include $40k+ in sales directly from our referrals

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Having a consulting call with me is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Know what you need every time an image is created for your brand, no matter the photographer

  • Understand how to incorporate your selfie and company party pictures in with your professional content on social media

  • Learn how to keep your brand looking cohesive online and off

  • Pair your branding + images to create marketing that supports your goals

  • Put your current images to use to get more results in your biz & marketing

  • Take back your image and know exactly what to look for when booking a creative professional for your next visual project

  • Have the language and technical terms to support asking for the kind of experience that will support your brand being seen clearly for your next photoshoot


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