Honoring Your Fitness Journey | OCB Carolina Fitness Festival

Athletes are gearing up for the Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB)'s Carolina Fitness Festival August 11, excited for the chance to showcase their hard work and dedication to pushing themselves to get stronger and transform themselves. Bodybuilding and competing in the OCB not only challenges your limits physically but gives you the chance to push beyond what you think you're capable of and say "screw you" to your limitations.

I've realized through my journey in fitness and bodybuilding that I wasn't just making myself stronger physically; with every workout and competition prep I grew more and more confident in myself and my identity. Unique, brave, and authentic with a sprinkle of feminism used to mean needing to apologize for being "too much." Now, I never hesitate to feel proud of who I am and share it with the world. I've been where you are, working to better yourselves inside and out, and am one of the only photographers to shoot the competition while also being a competitor. Shar, the organizer of the Festival, competed with me in the Catonsville Conquer just a few weeks ago and we're excited to jump back into prepping for the festival. 

Never forget how much you gave to gain

Before, during, and after the competition, I'll be there immortalizing your fitness journey and evolution with portrait opportunities before and after you compete, and stage photography to capture your moment onstage and the courage you had to step up and compete. Think about it—how many people have the bravery and dedication to stand on that stage and lay all your work on the line? I know first-hand the sacrifices, the time, and the dedication required to have made it to this moment. To have made it to this point means you are already a winner. Recognize it and honor it.

Documenting and immortalizing your fitness journey means you have a visual reminder of all the feelings you experienced, the moments of self-doubt that you pushed through, and the feelings of physical and mental pain as you shed your old skin to take on your form anew. Every moment has a purpose. And having images as a reminder ensures you never forget how much you gave to gain. 

Pre-sale photography rates for the competition ends June 1st, so if you're planning to compete be sure to sign up soon.   If you still need to register for the show, you can sign up now as well. 

India Jackson