Showing off your brand with branded photos

These days more than ever, we live in a visual world. People want personal connection and the feeling that they know who they’re dealing with, and the best way to get the point across for businesses and personal brands is with brand photography. There’s a difference between branding and brand identity - it’s like talking to someone about the “what” instead of the “why” behind what you do. What drives you to your passion? How can you share this with your followers? Whether you’re an athlete, a business owner, or just looking to promote your personal brand, having professional photos can make your social presence memorable and recognizable.

What are branded images?

Branded images are photos that show the personality behind your brand, the things that make you unique. What do you want your audience to know about you when they take a look at your website or social media? That’s where branded images can help you connect with your customers. Branded images can include headshots and profile images, plus images of the product you might sell.

How can you use branded photography to promote your brand?

Think about all the sites and places you use images to promote yourself - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your website, Twitter, Tumblr, review sites...the list keeps going. Professional branded images are the perfect way to make all of these sites cohesive and show off your brand exactly how you want to. Keeping your images consistent between your website, review sites and social media platforms lets people know exactly who you are and what your brand is about.

#LetMeCU and share yourself organically with your audience.

Two of the best things you can do to supercharge promoting your business is staying consistent with your content and making your brand as authentic and personal as possible. You know what you stand for and are passionate about what you do, so why not share it with your followers?

FAQIndia Jackson