Sticking to Your Pre-Show Meal Plan

When you're gearing up for a fitness competition, one aspect of prep that all competitors have to get used to is specialized nutrition - working with your trainer to put together a personalized meal plan to reach your fitness goals. Sticking to that meal plan and keeping yourself on track in the weeks before a competition is one of the toughest challenges of your prepping process. I've got some pointers for staying focused and determined while getting used to and sticking with your pre-show meal plan. 

Remind Yourself of Your Fitness Goals 

This isn't just hypothetical - literally, put reminders of your goals on your fridge and around your space to constantly keep your mind focused on exactly what you want out of competing. Keep a competition flyer on your fridge so that when you open it, you know exactly how you should be fueling your body to be in the best shape possible for competition. 

Pre-Measure Your Portions 

Meal prep is key to staying on schedule with your meal plan. Pre-measure your foods during your meal prepping to keep your portions in check and know exactly what you should be eating according to your plan. Keeping a routine and having your portions prepped ahead of time makes your life SO much easier in the weeks before a competition! 

ONLY Buy Meal Plan-Approved Foods 

What's in your fridge depends on what you add to your shopping cart. Do yourself a favor and only buy meal plan-approved foods. Staying true to what your meal plan approves you to eat will help you reach your goals and maximize your competition results. 

Embrace the Journey

Yes, keep your mind focused on your end goal - your hard work and determination are steering you to success in your upcoming competition. But, it's just as important to be mindful of where you are and what you're doing right now. Embrace the stage you're on in your journey. Start a journal to keep track of your progress and think about your experience so far. Or, share your progress on social media and get some support from your social circle! 

Everything you do in pursuit of your passion is something to be celebrated. Stay focused on the changes you're making and why you're working so hard, and give yourself the gratitude you deserve. 

Drug-free physique bodybuilding athlete Darius McCray is a certified personal trainer. He is on our list of personal trainers India has worked with, knows, and trusts. If you are looking for a trainer or a nutrition plan, check out our list here

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