The Top 6 Supplements for Bikini Bodybuilding Competitors

Health, wellness, and fitness has a special place in my heart and lifestyle.  As a plant-based bodybuilder, my nutrient intake has a lot to do with my overall health and success while competing.  There is a wide range of items that I enjoy that fit my macros but since a frequent amount of my clients and followers ask what I use, I dedicated this page to my selection of dietary supplements I use in conjunction with my exercise and food intake. These are the supplements that I consider to be essential for my success while I am in competitive season and during the offseason where I am just as active as a photographer. 


IncinR8 – This is a metabolic support used for weight loss.  Every morning when I’m waking up for my fasted (before my first meal) cardio, I take one of these to help me focus on my task at hand.  What’s also great about this supplement, is that it helps break down stored body fat.  Incinr8 also has a way of giving me an extra energy boost on long days.


FLX 2X – This is a joint support with plant based omega-3’s.  First off it contains plant based omega-3’s for heart health, so that’s a huge plus for me.  My training regime includes weight lifting and cardio up to twice a day, plus I am very active when completing photography projects. This challenges the joints all throughout my body.  FLX 2X has joint lubricating ingredients that promote smooth mechanics, flexibility, decrease of inflammation. Let’s not forget the cardiovascular assistance it provides.  I’m always on the move, so this is a must.


LFTees – Yes I take gummy supplements.  When I see gummies free of animal-based gelatin, it makes me happy and I just can’t resist.  We all need vitamins and nutrients, especially when our bodies are under the stress of an intense training regiment, so a multivitamin is a helping hand.  I choose the gummy version for two reasons.  First, it doesn’t bother my stomach… I’ve had IBS issues with other brands, especially solid vitamins.  Second, I treat it like a sweet little low-calorie dessert I take twice a day!


Pre-LFT – This one is simple.  It’s a pre-workout.  I don’t use this often, but when I need that extra kick for a weight lifting session, I turn to Pre-LFT Blue Raspberry for a couple reasons.  My taste pallet is quite sensitive because most of the things I eat are fresh and not processed.  This particular brand doesn’t have a strong chemical taste with their flavors and it has zero sugar and calories.  These factors make this a ideal product that works in tune with my contest prep.


BCAA – This is another simple one.  Besides the fact that this is also sugar, carb and calorie free, it assists me with muscular recovery.  The added amino acids and glutamine helps restore many properties in the body that are depleted during moderate to intense exercise.  In addition to drinking water, stretching and regular macro intake, this is part of my recovery process.


LFT Pro 25 – This here is my number one choice of protein powder.  If you know me, you would know I’m particular about protein supplements, which include the cookies and bars as well.  Most of them are either to high in sugar and carbs or leave a chemical aftertaste that I’m not a fan of.  This protein powder is very macro friendly with zero sugar, and really low carb and fat counts per serving. You can’t go wrong with the vanilla flavor and when I feel like be naughty, it makes it easy to add a few strawberries or blueberries for a blended treat!

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