You have these photos....Now what?!


You empowered yourself and your brand to get to the next level via professional photography. You’ve awaited your golden ticket via email and with great excitement, downloaded the images onto your computer. Great!.. but now how will you showcase your personal visual narrative?

This would be a great way to give your brand an upgrade. The more elevated your brand looks will equate to more of your audience thinking to invest in you. Business cards, posters, flyers, newsletters or even online media can bring more value to what you represent.

Why should you print your photos?

Show people how hard you have worked and the end result of your dedication. Share and print those photos for the world to see. You didn’t have your photo taken for no reason. If they were taken for yourself or for others to see, they won’t be seen sitting on a flash drive that could be forgotten about (or lost even)!

Where should you print your photos?

Any printer is better than nothing but these are the ones we use and trust. For traditional prints and framed images, I recommend For business cards and promotional items, I recommend These sites will provide you with quality prints every time.

Where to share your photos?

Your sharing options are endless. Most people simply share them on social media because it reaches more people faster. True this is the most convenient, but are you using all available platforms to connect you with as many people that fit your ideal audience profile as possible?

If you have family and friends in different areas of the world, you will especially want to broaden your frame of view. Ideal social media sites to share your images include Instagram and Facebook. There are also apps available such as Dropbox, Cluster, and Flickr.

Whatever you decide, do not leave your photos in the dark! Let your light shine on them!

FAQIndia Jackson