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Check your thoughts and words. They matter.

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Create lasting results via innovative games, interactions, and confidence building scenarios.

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Spend less time posting to social media and more time growing your business.

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Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market.

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Accept credit cards anywhere.

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A CRM to run your business with less running.

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Communicate with your team without cluttering their inbox. Bye post-it notes, hello task management app.

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Simplify your Schedule.

Never ask “what time works for you?” again.


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Health + Wellness

I am frequently asked by clients and friends in the fitness community whether I also offer services as a certified personal trainer or nutrition planning. While I’m not a certified personal trainer myself, I’ve met several trainers who are skilled at helping people reach their fitness goals.

For now, my focus is on the high-quality photos my team captures for our clients that they love, and being healthy myself. Between curating amazing images for clients and empowering others, my time is nearly filled.

If you’re looking for an experienced personal trainer, a nutritionist with bodybuilding competition prep skills, a great yoga instructor or healthy supplements you’ll want to reach out to any of these resources and say India Jackson Artistry sent you.

xo India



Nutritional Supplement
Inspired By Your DNA

ÜFORIA™ is the one and only company to offer personalized designer ÜTRITION supplements created specifically for YOU, based upon your DNA profile. India personally uses uforia year round to enhance her performance on the stage and in her business.

Darius McCray

Sports Nutritionist
Wellness Coach

Darius McCray specializes in functional training while finding and strengthening weaknesses through challenging your mindsets. As a award winning bodybuilder, he understands the struggles and sacrifices that comes with working towards a direct goal and shares that feeling with his clients.

Stephanie McIver

Personal Trainer
Contest Posing Coach

Stephanie McIver is a certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience helping women from all walks make life change transformations, both mentally and physically. From a stay at home mom who just wanted to improve her overall health, she became a bikini and figure competitor in multiple bodybuilding organizations. Now she enjoys training women, weather they are getting on stage or just want to feel good in their skin again Stephanie’s passion is helping others.


Frank Meekins

Personal Trainer
Contest Prep Coach

Frank Meekins has been a certified personal trainer for over 13 years. He has helped numerous trainees reach their fitness goals from beating diabetes to stepping on a bodybuilding stage. He believes that having fun while changing your lifestyle is the key the unlocking your potential. Frank currently hosts, judges and volunteers at physique competitions and is planning a comeback of his own very soon!

Ariona Zappaunbulso

Contest Prep Coach

Ariona and business partner Maria DeLessandro are two female OCB promoters and judges inspiring women through fitness. Their Comprehensive online coaching services include fitness, nutrition and posing guidance for first time bodybuilding competitors and pros.

Barbarian hak

Contest Prep Coach

Plant-based alkaline vegan bodybuilder, Minister Hak Bey who is known as Barbarian Hak is the minister of health for his Native American tribe. He has coached everything from professional athletes and professional bodybuilders to mom’s wanting to lose their post-baby weight. If you need meat-free nutrition, or are a meat eater alike he’s your guy.



Medina Roberts

Personal Trainer
Contest Prep Coach

Media is an OCB Promoter, judge, and figure athlete. She is passionate about natural bodybuilding. Her brand Mad Max Extreme offer bodybuilding competition prep coaching, posing, nutrition, and fitness plans.


Sara intonato

E-RYT 500, Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga

Sara Intonato has 15 years of experience and is the director of the Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga program at Absolute Yoga in Woodbury, New York, which is the only traditional Ashtanga program in Nassau county, and she teaches private one on one lessons. She also hosts multiple retreats per year, at local and international venues, and teaches an online yoga philosophy course. Teaching yoga is her gift, and she has made a business out of creating every opportunity she can to share the healing cabilities of yoga.